And NOW it begins!

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old marathon bomber-at-large has been arrested. And since I have not checked today—at least so far—I’m assuming he’s still alive under heavy guard at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

But the small bore verbal sniping has already begun with a plethora of crude comments coming from the usual array of brain-dead political opportunists trying to snatch up “atta-boy” points from their clueless constituencies.

One political genius has already advocated that we torture the defendant. Another has blamed all of this on immigration policy. And the litany of tweets began before he was even caught.

I’ve quoted one of the more inane ones below. It projected the notion that those sissy-ass Boston Liberals were probably wishing they had a few assault rifles of their own.

And even more interesting is that legal opponents are already preparing to engage in what’s very likely to be the most intense and prolonged session of legal Simon Says in decades!

Hang in there, folks, we’re about to become an aggregate witness to one of the most extended session of judicial mental masturbation we’ve ever seen. It could go on for years just to get to a ruling as to whether the feds were obligated to Mirandize him.

But more on this in later posts. This matter is going to provide bloggers with material for a LONG time! But for now, I’m going to stick with this idiot’s arrest.

Yes, “We got him!” Actually, federal and local law enforcement got him… as they had hoped: alive. And it’s interesting to note that not one CIVILIAN “good guy with a gun” (most notably an assault rifle) had a thing to do with it.

“We” helped, of course, by doing what law enforcement told us to do: “Stay inside your homes and out of our way.” And the only direct part a civilian played in the arrest was that of a Watertown boat owner.

As soon as he realized that his heart was beating again after discovering the perpetrator lying on the floor of his boat, he kept his emotions in check and did the smart thing: he called the police.

Even though that homeowner may have had personal weapons, including perhaps even an assault rifle, please take note that he didn’t approach the boat with any of them at the ready. And when he spotted the 19-year old perpetrator under the tarp, he didn’t do a Rambo impersonation; he kept his cool and did what he was supposed to do: call the police and let THEM approach with assault rifles.

Boston’s a big city; the place has its share of civilian-owned assault rifles, not to mention a plethora of other rifle types and semi-automatic handguns. As well, I’m sure that the residents of Watertown, a much smaller suburb, have their share of them as well.

But not one of them felt compelled to “help” the police. And while I think that several factors figured into this, I seriously doubt that ANYONE—liberal or conservative—was hiding in their homes wishing they had an assault rifle.

First, most people (conservatives, liberals, and middle-roaders) tend to do what police authorities instruct them to do during these times: stay the hell out of the way.

And second, even the most severely affected members of the intellectually-challenged crowd seem quite able to sense the dangers involved whenever gun-toting civilians, in all of their Rambo-esk splendor, appear out of nowhere to “help” police authorities do their job.

The police are abundantly clear on the matter: they DON’T like it! Not only do the police not like it; the likelihood of them accidentally shooting such people goes up exponentially.

So I doubt that anyone—LIBERAL or otherwise—sat cringing inside their homes wishing they had an assault rifle. And even those who HAD assault rifles—CONSERVATIVE or otherwise—seemed very content to surrender to the notion that discretion is the better part of valor.

But still, politicians from thousands of miles from the scene simply couldn’t resist the urge to use Twitter to release volumes of simple-mindedness. And of course, their even dumber constituents had to join the fray.

The flurry of tweets was voluminous, but here’s one of the dumber ones. “I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine.” It was a tweet from an individual by the name of Nate Bell (R), Arkansas State Assembly.

But this dipshit has an excuse; he’s a STATE politician from Arkansas. And lest people think that Arkansas is a cool place to live, please research the logistics. They’re at or near the bottom relative to women’s health issues, per capita income, and quality of education to mention just a few social areas.

But they rank at or near the top in poverty and dumbass politicians with weak platforms who wrap themselves in the American Flag while wailing on and on about their love for the “ConstiTOOshun.”

And it’s because of these ratings that Arkansas is where we’d stick the tube if we were to give the country an enema. And what’s even more frightening is that Nate Bell is considered by many down there to be one of the more intellectually and emotionally astute members of that fine STATE-governing body.

But as I wrote above, stand by! Between partisan extremists in the throes of mortal competition for dumbass of the year and a glacially-paced judicial system wherein judges can take upwards to a year or more just to rule on the LEGAL definition of “IS,” boredom’s about to be redefined.

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