About Us

In the world of logic, a tautology is a statement that is necessarily true. And facts, by definition, ARE true. Therefore, a title such as The True Facts is a MONUMENTAL tautology. To the contrary, FACTOIDS are the antithesis of FACTS, which scads of people, especially politicians, often try to pass off AS facts.

Some people refuse to believe the FACTS regarding many things unless the facts support their preconceived notions ABOUT the FACTS. This is where FACTOIDS ride in and solve the dilemma for such people.

Factoids are usually loaded with lots of erroneously derived statistical inferences. They look like facts; they sound like facts; and, they even “feel” like facts. But, FACTOIDS are indeed… NOT facts!

And, just as good science fiction consists of about 15% science and 85% fiction, well-told factoids contain about the same ratio of TRUTHS to HALF-TRUTHS.

Hordes of people—some well-intentioned, many others NOT—simply cannot permit the FACTS to leave people with the WRONG impressions. So, they use substantial helpings of factoids to neutralize the often bitter taste of raw truths.

But, like it or NOT, half-truths usually amount to WHOLE lies. I use this blog to show another perspective. Or, to paraphrase the late Paul Harvey, it’s my way of telling you, not merely the REST of the story, but rather the WHOLE story.

I publish each Sunday afternoon. Unless I encounter a technical glitch beyond my control, the articles usually hit the Internet prior to 6 PM. And, while I hope you enjoy them, remember NOT to get too bent out of shape if you disagree. They’re simply MY opinion; they don’t mean SQUAT to anyone BUT me.