Genuine Stupidity!

The danger regarding genuinely stupid people is that they haven’t the slightest clue that they’re abjectly stupid. They’re particularly susceptible to demagoguery. Enter, Donald Trump!

Donald Trump is an unmitigated liar; a highly irritating blowhard who’s unapologetically fond of celebrating the ridiculous and reveling in the awkward.

I’d normally take him with a grain of salt, but given the current circumstances, two things make him a genuine danger to this country.

First, he’s an accomplished demagogue, preaching doctrines he knows to be untrue to people he knows to be blooming idiots.

And second, he has a genuine desire to appear highly unpredictable. However, this does not make him appear as a formidable foe to our enemies and a reliable friend to our allies.

On the contrary, it makes his look more like America’s version of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, only with a substantial nuclear arsenal actually capable of destroying human life as we know it.

For those who fear giving him the nuclear codes, their fears a justified. And for those who don’t think it’s any big deal because they think a President does not have unilateral nuclear authority, they need to do some research.

Only the President can direct the use of nuclear weapons, including the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP), and his authority is unilateral. As Commander-in-Chief, he may order the use of such weapons for any reason at any time.

The actual procedures and technical systems in place for such authorizations requires a secondary confirmation under a two-man rule, which subjects the President’s order to a secondary confirmation by the Secretary of Defense.

If the Secretary does not concur, then the President may, at his sole discretion, fire the Secretary. And, while the Secretary of Defense has the legal authority to approve the order, he/she cannot veto it!

So, to the contrary, Mr. Trump’s ego-driven big mouth and pea-sized brain should be scaring the hell out of ALL of us.

Overall, though, I’m still betting that if we could give the dork an enema just before he died, we’d be able to bury him in a child’s shoebox.

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