Methodical Madness!

Apparently—if what I’m reading on myriad Internet forums is any indication—virtually all of the people who are qualified to be President of the United States are way too busy commenting on such forums to take the job.

With the current crop of candidates, there seems to be no middle ground. Whether a Republican (Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, Christie, Rubio, etc.) or a Democrat (Clinton or Sanders), people either love them or hate them.

If they love whomever, the candidate can do no wrong, and if they hate whomever, the candidate is a totally inept bloviator bubbling forth with sheer methodical madness.

Well, I’m staying out of the fray. I’ve participated in the political process for decades, and I’ve never seen this degree of divisiveness. Given the rhetoric from both, the candidates and their would-be supporters and detractors, it’s a bit scary.

However, I am going to comment on a serious social observation relative to declaring politicians “mad,” and most certainly to associating some type of “method” with it.

It’s to be taken as a general one, and not as an implied intellectual indictment against any individual, nor should readers infer it as such.

Observers typically don’t associate “madness” with any particular “method.” They simply view inexplicable behavior—whether physical actions, audible statements, or written statements—as somewhat weird, and sometimes downright delusional.

It’s a fact that hordes of people post stuff on Internet forums. The bulk of them tend to ramble ad nauseam about whatever concerns them in the spur of any of their paranoia-driven moments.

And while they certainly don’t view themselves as mad (at least not in the insane sense of the term), it’s certainly understandable that others may conclude otherwise.

But some significant caution is in order. Since the onslaught of the Internet and the proliferation of chat forums, Facebook, etc., it’s history has been replete with irrefutable evidence that a sizeable faction of the social media spectrum isn’t “mad” at all; they’re merely masquerading sheer stupidity as THEIR “method” of madness.

Some people who do this, do it intentionally (trolls). They’re simply ignorant, and the cure for such nonsense is to ignore such people. But, on the other hand, trolls comprise a small percentage of Internet forum posters.

A much larger—and infinitely more serious—problem is the fact that not EVERYONE does it intentionally. They’re not masquerading as anything, nor are they trolls.

They’re simply operating at their full gray-matter capacity, perpetually wallowing—so to speak—in that ever warm glow of blissful ignorance, clueless of their own abject stupidity!

And the really scary part is that if this crowd ever achieves a serious majority (of either party), this country might just as well kiss its butt goodbye!

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