I’ve had it to my eyeballs!

There is much that we do not understand about the universe in which we live. But, in my mind at least, calling what we don’t understand God has always seemed a tad premature.

Evolution, by any means, has yet to explain countless mysteries of nature, but it has explained a great deal of our existence; it’s far more credible than not.

Far fewer credible scientists poo-poo it than used to. And even those who still do deny it, don’t do so on the basis of fact, but rather merely point out that evolution can’t explain everything.

I fully understand that it fails to explain everything . . . YET! But given its track record, it will eventually put matters together, resulting in one less thing having required God’s attention.

And keep in mind; none of this proves that there is no God. Not even an avowed atheist like Stephen Hawking has been able to do that. He’s merely shown that the laws of physics were more than adequate to explain the Big Bang.

For my part, I’m an agnostic; I don’t have to “believe” in evolution. I simply accept it as physical reality based on those facts as thus far presented.

And we had better soon get religion out of our politics and our government. If we don’t, we’re going to destroy this country as it’s always existed: a Representative Democracy wherein people are free to choose, or NOT, any religion they wish.

A while back, I read that Glen Beck had asked; “If the average citizen thinks God has nothing to do with government, who then creates our rights and what makes them inalienable?”

In my mind, we, the people, created our rights when we rebelled against the British Crown; we the people also declared those rights inalienable. And we’ve been defending those rights, to the death if necessary, ever since.

Whatever your beliefs, if they trump what science has objectively proven indisputable; they’re nothing more than personal delusions, whether you like to think of them as such or not.

The next time you hear someone, politicians in particular, blabber mouthing about teaching the Bible in the public schools and/or placing the Ten Commandments in our government buildings and court houses, ask them which ones.

Every time I hear an athlete from a winning team THANKING God for the victory, I wonder if one from a losing team is BLAMING God for the loss.

I highly doubt it, though; that would take huge quantities of guts!

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